In an earlier post I built, installed and benchmarked a steam machine. The only thing that was missing was the case, and I promised an update when I got it, and it arrived in the mail today.

There’s not really much to show, it’s an EMKO EM-154B that I bought from It has a bit of an industrial look to it, but it doesn’t bother me, and it was the smallest Mini-ITX case I could find.

Not much room around the motherboard

The only issue I had was that the connector on the SATA power cable that came with the motherboard was angled in the wrong direction. So when mounting the SSD in the lid of the case it didn’t fit. This was easy to solve though, just remove the cap on the rear of the connector, pull out the cables, flip the connector over and push them back in. Just make sure to put them in the same place.